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LEGO 60284 City Great Vehicles Roadwork Truck Toy, Front-End Loader for 4+ Years


6 in stock


6 in stock


LEGO 60284 City Great Vehicles Roadwork Truck Toy

Give your kids a fun treat, get their imaginations working and their eyes light up.

This LEGO City Roadwork Truck toy has a front-end loader with a LEGO worker minifigure, a tipping bucket, a wheelbarrow and traffic cones. It’s a building construction toyset a truck toy for kids aged 4+ to help them enjoy the happiness of building and to show off their creativity. Kids friendly replicas of the large construction equipment too easy to build and kick-start your kids’ creative building. Hours of play will keep your kids engaged pretending a real construction site. This fantastic front-end loader truck toy is an excellent high quality gift idea providing plenty of fun for kids.

Improves creativity: Truck toy for kids with endless building jobs by young workers which can be tackled when they have a front loader.

Inspires imaginative play: Lego roadwork toy is packed with endless role play possibilities which inspires imaginative play in kids.

Develops motor skills : Lifting the tipping bucket to unload helps in developing motor skills of your kids.

Learning through play: Toy truck play is a great way for kids to role play the truck-related situations.

Ensure you get your child this extremely popular type of Roadwork Truck Toy that’s an easy-to-build construction playset both fun and safe for play.


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