About Toy Castle

Kids learn better when they’re having fun. When education is exciting, it boosts motivation and nurtures a lifelong passion for discovery. It also helps young minds absorb information and tiny hands develop essential skills. Make learning fun and you’ll inspire your little ones to dream big!

The concept of fun learning is at the heart of Toy Castle. Here, you can buy toys in the UK that get your kids’ brain-cogs turning and let their unique strengths shine. Toy Castle designs innovative kids’ toys and educational toys, manufacturing them from high-quality materials to ensure safety and durability. From construction sets to card games, these toys help kids learn cognitive, coordination, and problem-solving skills without becoming boooorred!

The Toy Castle Story

Toy Castle was established by Ajay. C. Thomas, the founder of leading Branding and Marketing Agency, Sweans. Ajay’s children, Abel and Alex, inspired his move into the toy business, but it was the COVID-19 lockdown that influenced his first toy design. Since schools were closed, children had to learn from home – challenging for them, and for their parents who suddenly had to become teachers! In response, Toy Castle launched a toy to help kids learn English at home, so they didn’t miss out on crucial early development.

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